Exposed Ceiling Structure to Improve an Overall Look of the House

Incorporating a house’s structure into a house’s design is one of the modern architectures trend nowadays. To turn the usually neglected part of the house into a harmonious part of the design of the house is clever and impressive.

Exposed ceiling structure of the beams and planks of a house can lend a certain strength and sturdiness sense to the design of the house. Now, we would like to see one of its example how an exposed ceiling structure can improve the look of a house.

rustic house interior with exposed ceiling beams

The example of the house is this one located in Bruges, Belgium. It was constructed by Veronique Bogaert. She incorporated the using of exposed structures in the design of the house. The rooms were decked with extended beams and pillars that are used to hold the roof, the bedroom for example. It was designed with big window, smooth matte flooring, and a low double bed with brown bedding. This house is one of the exposed ceiling structure ideas for home design, a clever idea to incorporate structure to the design.

The other room also decked with beams and pillars from the roof structure. The beams were made of rough cut timbers and like in the bedroom, other room also decorated with wood beams. The main room is small yet impressive room with wooden parquet and wooden tables to complete the look of natural wood. The lighting is provided by several hanging lamps with black housings. The yellow beam provides a warm tone.

Not only exposed ceiling structure in bedroom, each room was exposed with open ceiling that showcased the timber construction. The bathroom for example, a modern bathroom with white tub and white lavatory set, while the ceiling is decked with open view of planks and timbers. The choice of white colors helps to improve the overall look of the house with its natural colors.

Wednesday, May 15th 2019. | Home Design