Fascinating Laundry Room Storage Design for Compact Decoration


11 Fascinating Laundry Room Storage Design Ideas

The existence of laundry room storage with compact and appropriate arrangement definitely evokes the comfortable laundry room. Limited area within this room becomes a great space to accommodate these storage with the smart and creative arrangement.

Too many stuffs and wardrobes within this room oppress the smart design that can accommodate and save those things. The hidden design and also compact arrangement becomes two examples that will be described below to give the proper storage decoration within the laundry room.

Within the small laundry room, the concept of hidden storage becomes the appropriate plan of laundry room storage ideas that can save the space within it. Without losing the cleanness and cozy nuance, the use of wooden material to create this storage becomes the smart idea. Designed as the wall decoration with the minimalist square design, these storage hide the washing machines and also the wardrobe room.

The cleanness outlook from the wooden material surely enhances the comfortable laundry activity. White color decoration that is combined within this room enhances the cozy and brightly atmosphere.

This cleanness laundry room reveals as the result of the classic laundry room design. Elegant storage design employs the classic curves decoration with the white wooden material. The U-shape room design brings the convenient and spacious laundry room.

Storage surround the room with duplex design in brightly and soft color tone in white. The combination with the ceramic backsplash design and also the green modern carpet, this room arouses the cozy and convenient room. To strengthen the luxurious accent, simple countertop in marble decoration definitely enhances the glamorous laundry room in fascinating design.

Cleanness and convenient design for the laundry room becomes the appropriate decoration to give the enjoyable laundry activity. The arrangement of the storage within the laundry room also becomes the proper and appropriate design to bring the easy access and functional design.

Bright decoration from those two decorations above evokes the innovative and creative laundry room decoration that offers the cozy and warm nuance. Those storage arrangements above offer a new plan of laundry room ideas that gives the compact and appropriate design within the limited space.

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