31 cool hi tech kitchen design

hi tech kitchen – Cooking with some sophisticated kitchen ware will share the feeling like a pro! In addition, with modern maintenance, it should be a cool and clean footage to serve a warm apple pie together with mapple syrup! So much fun, right? Yeah, a hi-tech kitchen offers more than the ordinary one. If you plan to have one of some wonderful designs, here you pull the mouse down!

The very first kitchen design must nest in a luxurious penthouse, maybe in Atlanta. Yeah, it is bathed with sophisticated kitchenware that will everyone surprised and willingly to cook the dinner and invite some friends. It gets along with ergonomic idea coming from the large glass window fits the floor to ceiling. The island is the one to be the focal point of the retreat with very large size and geometrical line! the amazing look still flows to the vibe as the double height interior enables the giant white chandelier to lope above the island. You can cook here like a professional chef, and air it on TV!

Cooking while feeling the nuance of tropical sense as well as the swinging sound of the leaves outside cracked by the wind is astonishing. It brings the effect of spa like cooking time. The wide spacious room gives perfect space for the inhabitants to navigate even more free. With large skylight applied above it, the interior, but the green view of lush vegetation forces as well inside not only bright natural light floods. Further, have you ever cooked in the sunroom? No, it is actually a real kitchen, but the full open concept applied like the glass roof and siding makes the vibe looks like sunroom. The natural light glows every lux in the retreat and causes wonderful glam just to enjoy a cup of morning coffee and a slice of bread! What do you think good people?

Friday, April 5th 2019. | Kitchen