Container Lover: How to Breath Comfortable Nuance in a Metal Container

In this modern era, there is always new style to enjoy the live. In some case, people tend to try some extreme challenge just to rise their adrenalin. Living on the tip of a cliff is now usual for some people, and it becomes new trend at least. Not to far from the previous idea, now container is no longer a waste metal box as it is useful to make a living. Yeah, you must wonder how to have a comfortable container house design, so look at the following show!

Of course, it is not easy to juggle a container into such livable retreat. You need much effort and creativity as well. However, a gray home container looks great to lush in the middle of vegetation. It is designed with semi open plan shown through the usage of glass windows and door. It is the porch offers you the awe of rustic appeal with wooden chair. The bookshelves aside are meant to be your best companion while the summer breeze is bit busy to growl here and there. To let you staying inside with rich access from the outdoor, large floor to ceiling glass door is a great selection of all.

In addition, wooden floor can be such best style to maintain the comfortable interior with warmth. White painted wall is the most neutral color that matches the gray and blue paint combination to the container. Further, to enjoy your morning breakfast is getting more adorable as the natural view outside flows thoroughly inside with fresh air to breath. Thanks to the open plan that opts the nuance with not only view but also refreshing air! In addition, the workstation is now a bit playful with large glass window and unique bookshelves stacked on the wall. So, have you decided to be new comers container lover?

Thursday, April 18th 2019. | Home Design