House with Modern Theme Enriched with Classic Element

Do you know the reason why fusion food will always taste better all the time? if you do like the ingredients used, you can tell how the heaven flavor of the fusion one. The reason is simply the unique mixture of various tastes in one plate. Your tongue will analyze the taste, and then it will transfer the result right always to your brain! Not only food, every fusion thing is always tempting to attempt. It’s brand new interior design style combining both modernity styles mixed with classic element. Below you will prove the joy of living in a contemporary house poured with classical stuff.

Flawless Interior Look with Pastel Tone

If you are talking about classical design, what kind of colors comes up to your mind? I thing neutral color is the best representation of classic appeal. Yeah, white, black and cream are so popular back then, but today says different matter. It is the pastel herd that will cheerfully color every interior design.

To let your everyday life bathed with softness, you have to follow several tips below! To live your white interior design, don’t forget to apply some colorful stuff inside it. There is no matter if you want to have a soft gray couch design as long as you have another popping tone added on the top. Yeah, it is the cushion that should be the twist by exhibiting gorgeous hues together with the blanket!

To brush the framed wall palette in abstract style is also recommended to strengthen the artistic side of you. Look at how simple and interesting the small brushed paper on the wall before the bedroom!

Filling the bathroom nuance with the peaceful color of blue is also best to get chic and clean outlook. Not only has the towel, even the pine tree on the wall also turned into blue. In addition I guess that the owner is deep in love with the color of sky as there are so many furniture bathed in the same tone.

Meanwhile, stealing the style of Scandinavian is another master bedroom with its stunning navy blue bedding. It is not white or black pillows to comfort your head, but there are so many patterned and colored pillows installed on it. Furthermore, to light the room with blazing flame, you just need to turn on the pink shaded table lamp just after the white small orchid decoration.
In addition, the hallway is what you really need to reflect for a cozy and comfortable dwelling!

Tuesday, April 30th 2019. | Home Design