New Trend of Indoor Herb Plantation – Some Tips

Do you like farming? Yeah, to plant is always interesting and challenging in the same time. it breaks your nerve as you have to make sure that the seed grows. Then, after the growing seed, you have to take care everything about it till you can harvest what you plant. Now, it is getting difficult to have a farm because the area is getting narrower.

You live in the city that is full of brick and cement, so to find fertility is quite hard. Therefore, nothing you can do but to bring the farming area indoor. How will it possible? Yeah, it is highly possible if you plant some herbs with indoor plantation style!

Make Every Stuff and Spot Useful

There is no single rule that you have to plant anything on a rice field. You can even use several modern ways to make your farming project easier. For instance, some modern buildings downtown the city mostly uses concrete planters to plant some greenery. The reason is simplicity, and of course, it works to minimize the use of free space.

In addition, you can make a vertical herb garden inside your house. it is a very unique and modern idea that allows you to green the wall with several herbs which are beneficial too for your life. You can use them for seasoning in the kitchen, you can use herb for medicine, and the last is that the outlook is spectacular as well.

Taking some waste bottles would be nice to make some hanging potted herbs. Yeah, it is a favorable style that you don’t need to prepare special spot to place the stuff. You can hang every of them just beneath the window, so they will grow healthily with the help of the sunlight.

Stacked modern planter on the wall above the cabinetry will be a gorgeous spot that you can reach it easily whenever you need once cooking. With the blend of white and green hues on the siding, the time seems to go so fast because you enjoy it very much.

Furthermore, to make your interior even fresher and greater, you can stun every eye with amazing white green room partition that is full of herbs. It is a fascinating idea that you can combine both function and style, so you can gain various benefits by doing one thing. Don’t hesitate to try it because it is worthwhile to display super green interior design for your guests!

Sunday, February 24th 2019. | Home Decor