Inspiring Beach Themed Boy Room Decor with two Worlds Inside

Today, you get a nursery with beach themed. At glance, it looks like girl’s room because it has pink window shade. Even though, the space is aimed for boy with cheerful nuance. The most important thing the room is suitable for both genders.

It is better don’t argue about it and continue to catch more information. As you know, this light blue room is decorated with more than one bunk bed. One of them has l shaped design from white unfinished wood. Here, it puts under window and the airplane shaped shelves. Indeed, this spot is full of displays.

By the way, you must pay attention to this spot well. Aside the storage style, it has miniature airplane, which hangs over. Meanwhile, the wall storage is filled with sail ships and the rest. Now, let’s discuss the bed décor below! This l shaped furniture with x shaped panel is not only for sleeping.

It is decorated with below drawers and the corner table. Certainly, you will see your children study together with healthy outdoor air. When they are tired, they can directly lay down the body on the mattress. Obvious, the nice spot for study is added under bed. It is in the form of the rustic round white pallet wood table and folding chairs.

Comparing the Next Space which is more compact

Alright, see the opposite space right away! In fact, this bright interior décor has additional room with the same concept. The space that is looms directly after you open the interior door has coastal loft bed. It is high enough so that it needs stair with light brown color. Such as you know, the bed has white and light brown tones. Overall, it the design is similar to the next space. Nevertheless, it is looks simpler with little bit decoration. Such as you know, the bed only has long oar display and the mini bird statue.

How about the bedding sets? This eco-friendly furniture item is adorned with some creative style items. It consists of the cute quilt and three pillows with some patterns. Hereinafter, learn the floor plan underneath. This minimalist interior décor adds appealing kid’s furniture sets.

It is mini brown table and white chairs. Then, there is white bunk bed aside with white color. In conclusion, those spaces have contrary senses. One of them is festive and another looks compact. Nonetheless, I recommend them very much to you. So, you have two pleasurable spots to sleeping and studying. If you are a dad or mom, give it to your sons.

Friday, April 5th 2019. | Bedroom