Interior Decorating Ideas for Brown Bedrooms

The colors for interior decorating for brown bedrooms 2017 mark trend is season and surprise us with beautiful and original combinations. Shades and color palette this season not only refer to painting for walls but is the combination of colors for double bedrooms in walls, furniture, textiles, accessories and ornaments.

The latest trends in the decoration of double bedrooms look for harmony to achieve the best emotions and mood of each one of us.


Mix the brown or chocolate colors with generous amounts of a neutral contrast color, such as a light yellow sand, lighted by the sun, the classic white or perhaps a wise gray or pale green, will brighten the brown color of your bedroom wall and Prevent it from becoming too dark. Choose a pillow cloth, a quilt, curtains and window covers that incorporates the chosen color scheme. Now you can add color notes to your bedroom, such as lamps, blankets, pillows and candles that pick up on your choice of fabric to evenly distribute the accent color and compensate your neutral brown base. Crisp white trim around windows and crown moldings will provide another touch of color.

A combination of colors that is very interesting is blue and brown. The combination of blue ice with chocolate brown is a way to provide a visual contrast and excitement to a room. To avoid a dorm of feeling too closed in, paint the walls of a pale blue ice, and use chocolate brown furniture for impact. Dark brown leather furniture adds substance and depth to a room space, so add a fluffy leather chair if you have the room. Rattan and natural wicker in different shades of brown texture and add visual interest to a bedroom. Use small baskets and add a small wicker chair, Ottoman or footrest.

Fabrics and wall color options

Wood furniture that has a darker finish will emphasize a dark brown decoration theme. To avoid an excessively heavy look, add some pieces of furniture that are painted in a lighter color, or clear wood, for more visual interest and to break an expanse of dark wood. Natural textures like bamboo and rattan also mix well with wood.

You can also add brown color in the bedroom, using rich corduroy or velvet deep bed accessories as well as wood moldings. By keeping the background colors clear in the bedroom, i.e., the floors and walls, you can focus on freshening up the combination of colors and punching up with fresh citrus colors or hot pinks and corals. Another option is to go with a more intense color on the walls, and animate up with a lot of white for contrast.

Fancy fabrics go well with a brown palette. Try adding rich apricots with eye-catching prints, soft silk with a shiny finish, velvet, leather and chamois. Quality fabrics add depth, texture and richness to the bedrooms. Fabrics with floral motifs in particular, are very acceptable in the bedroom, where they fit with the theme of relaxation and luxury.

Floors and floor options

Adding green plants in a brown decor scheme injects a little excitement into what could be a matte color palette. Plants give life to a room and lighten the space. Also consider the use of dried flowers as accessories, such as bamboo, eucalyptus branches and dry floral crowns.

Ceramic tile and natural stone make great flooring choices in a brown room, and there are so many options available. Look for those with a gold tone or tile accented with white. Its layer of floor tile or natural stone with area rugs to heat the space and provide softness under the feet. Sisal rugs are another option for floor coverings.

Wallpaper can be an interesting addition to a bedroom. Consider Ramie’s choice for a natural texture. Window covers, like bamboo blinds, are a great option to cover the Windows. The roman shades made to match colorful bedding also add a touch of color if needed. Choose fabrics that are coordinated with a color accent, such as blue or green. Chenille is a choice of soft fabric when used for pillows or bedspreads. Paisleys, flowers, stripes and pictures are also options.

Decorating a brown room can be a stimulating experience if you include texture, color and fun. Remember to light up the space with the paint, accents and above all-your personality.

Wednesday, February 6th 2019. | Bedroom
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