Kitchen Lighting Tips

Talking about kitchen lighting tips is to refer to the lighting that must be carried by one of the most important meeting areas of a home. The quality and also the personality of this environment can be affected or highlighted by a bad or good lighting.

If you have had problems with the luminosity of your kitchen and do not know how to fix it, here we have for you some useful tips that you can use to beautify and fill with vitality this room.

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While many might think that the kitchen is an unimportant area of the home, the truth is that it is one that should have more relevance as it is where our food is prepared and where they regularly eat while sharing with the family things Q The EU has passed us through the day.

This is why it is very important that this area of the house is always organized, clean, beautiful and, above all, well-lit. Without further ado and to help you with it here are our kitchen lighting tips.

Kitchen Lighting Design Rules of Thumb

The first recommendation I will give you regarding the lighting of this room is to analyze the luminosity of the rest of your home. With this analysis you can identify the faults that the kitchen has and you can start thinking about the solutions for it.

Another fundamental advice when it comes to thinking about kitchen lighting is that the central focus on the ceiling of this room has to provide enough light for the entire room. This light must reach the corners.

Because this light that reaches the corners does not do so with the same intensity as in other areas closer to the focus, these regions should be complemented by additional lights.

Kitchen Lighting Layout

kitchen lighting design rules of thumb

In addition to these corners, it is recommended to locate smaller lamps or bulbs to the main in specific areas such as cupboards or dining area.

To better understand this idea it is advisable to illuminate the upper areas of the cupboards and also in some of the corner regions where the elements of the kitchen are located.

In addition to the visible lights can also be used lamps that are located in a recessed and not seen. They offer good light and give an elegant and subtle atmosphere to the kitchen spaces.

In the same way it is recommended to illuminate the areas of front-eaters and islands of the kitchen since they are areas where they spend a lot of time. In these areas it is advisable to use warm lighting. This can be recessed or hanging.

What is advisable with the hanging illuminations is that they have a minimum distance of 60 cm between the lamp and the island or the table. This is recommended so that there is a good distance and the heat and light of the bulb does not disturb the people who are located there.

Apply these tips in your kitchen and you will have a bright and elegant room.

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