The Kitchen in a Private Home to Create a Stylish and Comfortable Space

Now, kitchen is the heart of every house as people like to hang out in the kitchen with family or friends. Therefore, it is no wonder if some designers or even the home owners deserve to have a kitchen design with bar. In addition, I can say that kitchen design showcases the style of your home, so making it stylish and comfortable is a must!

Adding open plan style in your kitchen is a good idea because it is helpful to give fresh and open nuance into the room. A long kitchen design offers you bright interior with stacked to the wall cabinet and dark tiles flooring idea. In addition, to maintain the fresh look of the design, some mini and cute potted plants are added. Another design leads you to have a loft kitchen design which is simple but adorable. It is all bathed in white paint while the red chair before the table is quite surprising. L shaped kitchen design is chosen due to the limited space for optimal access.

Further, a Scandinavian kitchen design could be your best reference since it draw over natural log wood into the kitchen. It is meant to be the pole of the room along with some Scandinavian style icons like wall racks and unique light dining set. Going well with retro style is also highly recommended for you, and the one with the combination of rustic and vibrant color is the best one to pick! The contrast look of the rustic exposed beam ceiling and the blue pendants create such awesome result. Meanwhile, a minimalist kitchen design takes place beneath a sloping ceiling design with gorgeous wall racks to store all kitchen set. The storage bin idea applied to the racks give perfect texture and pattern into the kitchen. I think this is the reason why people are willingly to stay longer in their kitchen!

Sunday, February 24th 2019. | Kitchen