Kitchens with Office Area

The small tables or breakfast bars present in some kitchens, provide a unique family look and offer a different variant for making snacks, studying with our little while cooking or, preparing food with greater comfort. This type of decoration, is what is known as kitchens with Office, and we wanted to dedicate a space in our portal so that you know its advantages. This way, if you decide, you will know how to decorate your kitchens with office area.

The space above all

Contrary to what is thought, kitchens with office area can also be applied in small kitchens. The most important thing lies in knowing how to use space and exploiting it in favor of our needs.

The size of the table should be chosen depending on the space available and should not break with the proposed balance in your kitchen. It is advisable to have enough space to locate the table, although it is usually enough to keep eighty centimeter between the chairs and the nearest furniture.

Between chair and chair, it will be fair to measure seventy centimeters of space approximately. In the particular case that the table is attached to the wall, you could consider the use of banks that better leverage the space.

The best location

Just take a look at our kitchen to realize those niches or free spaces where our table will best fit. In general, the best thing to do is to take advantage of a natural light source, such as the windows, that can enliven the breakfasts with views of the exterior and will give an exquisite clarity on the table to support any type of activity throughout the day.

For small kitchens

The reduced space in some kitchens, is a subject that requires a lot of creativity and planning. Some variants of small kitchens with Office are supported by the use of small bars, which do not usually exceed the three sidewalks.

In other similar environments, it is common to use retractable tables that do not occupy space indefinitely and that usually constitute suitable alternatives, usually with the presence of two or three chairs. This type of tables are very practical for various activities, and as mentioned previously, they can be located near the windows.

Make a Difference

If you want to highlight the presence of your table in the kitchen, you can play discreetly with the contrast of the walls. In the vicinity of the table, you could slightly break the style and decoration of the area with a different coating, respecting the overall design but use other materials such as paper or color patterns. Of course, always away from typical materials from a kitchen like tiles or steel.

Another way to differentiate the space of your kitchen with Office is usually through live tablecloths, made of natural fibers and opting for wooden tables instead of other materials. Remember that you should always pay attention to the overall harmony of the room.

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