Maximizing L Shaped Luxury House Design Plan for Any Lot Size

The L shaped luxury house design plan is really popular since its ability to maximize the space of home, especially for one built in narrow lot. However, it is not the only reason why L shaped home gets popular each and every day. Compared to other home shapes, L shaped one tends to give any room inside attractive view alongside one side of your home lot.

Thus, you may find how any L shaped house can establish seamless connection between indoors and outdoors since it allows, mainly, the main living area to be opened to outdoors. Well, just take a look at this modern L shaped home with expanding glass wall exterior. However, openness is not the only strong point of L shaped residence. As the main living area is designed to be open, private rooms such as bedroom is assigned to one section of the L. You may also find this pattern in L shaped house plans with pool.

Well… why? It is because of how those private rooms, along with the outdoor area, are designated to enjoy adequate privacy. This way, even though the main living area is left open and nearly borderless with outside world, you can still enjoy private times. This way, the building will be perfect as a family residence. The L shape itself can ensure enough space assigned for home courtyard, no matter how small it is.

Another characteristic of L shaped residence you can observe is the location of garage. Most of the times, the garage is located in one leg of L shape which door is faced to the pedestrian walkways and street. Alternatively, the garage is designed and built as a driveway which is approximately 90 degrees closer to the front side of the home. To help maximizing the space for an L shaped home built in narrow lot, you may find how the garage is located exactly under the main living area. This way, the other L part can be assigned for private zones. The L shaped house plans with basement are also effective solution to maximize the lot size.

Sunday, May 12th 2019. | Home Design