Stunning Large farmhouse with interesting combinations of materials

Do you dare to leave your modern house and dwell in a traditional house instead? Well, traditional houses are not always bad. This one we are going to see will take your breath away. In this occasion, we had the chance to share with you about this enticing large farmhouse. In addition, this adorable farmhouse offers interesting combination of materials. Without further to do, check out the photos of this sensational large farmhouse design!

The white farmhouse design features endearing white timber wall. The timber material is chosen to build traditional image for the exterior. Meanwhile, the hipped roof design also becomes an interesting element of the architecture. In the outside, the house is completed with a great outdoor patio. The patio has stone tile floor and wooden furniture set. In the corner, the outdoor kitchen set makes the patio complete.

Moving on, you will also see such a beautiful front porch decorating idea. The porch of this large farmhouse uses a rustic gray door made of oak material. The white wood planks also make adorable wall treatment. The porch area is brought to life with some fascinating embellishments. A wooden bench is placed right beside the door. Meanwhile, the wall is installed with two classic sconces giving dramatic yellow illumination. Also, the owner put two black clay pots filled with enticing flowers. Moreover, the porch is connected to a nice garden landscape with stone pavement.
Let’s also check out the living room interior. You can spot dozen of white wooden shelves filling the wall. These shelves contain gorgeous decorative objects and are decorated with led lights. Across the shelves, the furnishing idea involves a shabby white chair and a beige armchair. There is also a glass coffee table with metal frame material. Moreover, a sleek Persian rug is chosen to tie the living room together.

Sunday, April 7th 2019. | Home Design