20 Living Room Pillar Decoration ideas

In classic houses, we still often found big pillars. If you also have pillars in your home, don’t leave them to look plain. Adding decoration on your pillars will make them more valuable and arresting. Some examples of good living room pillar decoration ideas are presented in the gallery in this post, so keep reading!

Let’s have a look at this earthy and cohesive living room. The high ceiling is matched with admirable wood framed windows with textured glasses. The wall also gets awesome decoration using wood moldings. A traditional rattan chair looks good enough placed next to a modern microfiber sofa. The wicker chair in the corner is in harmony with a wicker table beside it. Look at how great the pillar decoration is. The wood pillars get new carving details that show luxury and brilliance. The meticulous pillars are also repainted with fresh light brown tone with lacquer finishing.

Look also at this palatial living room concept. The decorations are so fancy that they represent opulence. The wall gets gold wallpaper and damask motif. Meanwhile, a graceful crystal chandelier offers glamorous lighting fixture. The furniture are so endearing as well. Two black ottomans look lovely with a luxury chesterfield sofa with black upholstery. For the room partition, the living room employs two white room dividers with textured glasses. Beside the glass room divider, the room has two sophisticated white marble pillars. These marble pillars accentuate opulence with its glossy white outlook and natural marble grains.

We find a good formal living room below. It presents colorful furniture such as beige futon sofas and a white recliner chair. Colorful geometric mats also make the brown slate floor look better. Let’s see the pillar of this room. The pillars are coated with sandstone tiles showing different brown shades. How admirable!

Saturday, March 9th 2019. | Living Room
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