20 Gorgeous Living Room with Wooden Floor : Hardwood Floors ideas

In this modern time, wooden ornament is already being the normal stuff in building a house. This article will try to combine the modernity in your living room with wood touch in another side of it. Check it out.

Entering the first living room, we will be amazed with the simple modern living room that is built over the beautiful wooden flooring design. Even the wooden floor does not show that it is so old because its original color. To combine it, you just need to place the simple-modern furniture in your living room. In the wall, white color application looks as the best one.

Dark wooden flooring idea in the second design shows that wood flooring idea can be the elegance design, too. The vanish finishing in its surface does the important rule in this kind of living room concept. Floor lamp with white light will make your dark wooden floor shines nicely in the dark. For your living room set, you can choose iron-framed furniture with a little touch of floral carving. In the other hand, it also makes your living room gets the artistic touch inside. Modern gray sofa color looks is the nicest mate for your living room.

The combination of granite flooring design with light wooden flooring concept can be found in the third picture. Its luxurious does not only come from the granite but also in the wooden ornament in the corner of your living room floor. It is even still beautiful to combine it with traditional values by placing the traditional chair in the living room. Rug application with classical motif will beautify your floor more and also make you enjoy your time in unique-luxurious living room design.

After all, I just want to see you apply it in your own living room and break the rule about flooring with cement plaster.

Thursday, February 28th 2019. | Living Room