63 loft interior design pictures ideas

loft style in the interior – When you were a child, have you tried to hid on the loft once your mother was angry? Personally, I’ve experienced it once and it makes me won’t to do it again. It was too dreary with so many dusty stuff, and there was lack of light that made the nuance even frightening. Therefore, I decided to not go there anymore! However, is it the same with some loft designs in the current time? No, there so many changes due to the loft maintenance!

Today’s loft style is not as frightening as it was in the past. Nowadays, people tend to use the loft for bedroom, working space even bathroom. Having a hang out spot on the loft is a brand new idea to spell all the dreary nuance to be cheerful one. Although nested on the loft, a bedroom appears with so many luxurious furniture inside. It means that the occupant wants it last for long time, so he or she could enjoy the lovely nuance even longer. Further, living space on the loft is not a new style, and it is just the way people spending the waste space for more ergonomic house plan. With adequate natural light from glass window, this loft living room looks so comfortable and bright!

Then, a bathroom in the loft is unique and brave as well, so the designer should add something that comforts the outlook. Random painting to the brick wall applied gives the accent of rustic appeal rather than the modern one. It may fit a home with industrial style, and the loft bathroom could be the best place to relax after all. As I’ve said previously, loft kitchen is a nice idea to invite friends for a blast! With some colorful quirky retro furniture, the vibe is truly an amazing footage to have fun together. Thanks to the large glass window extended to the skylight above!

Friday, February 22nd 2019. | Interior