Luxury Country House with a Warm and Cozy Interior

It is nothing but coziness that every home owner expects from their house. It is the thing defines the harmony of the family members living inside. In this case, living in countryside must be an optional choice, but it is preferable for people loving serenity. Once you are interested to stay in the suburb, then a luxury country house with a warm and cozy interior is ready to be selected.

A heartbreaking house nests on the sloping snowy hill covered with pure white snow on the roof. It looks great even to lush upon snowy land with the golden lighting system. Facing rare pine trees in the front side makes the outlook fresh. Designed with wood trim for the wall and also some parts of stone foundation makes the interior bit warmer to defend from the cold attack from outside.

It is a quite large house with snowy mountains view in the backyard. Everyday ice-skating on the yard is possible to stimulate your adrenaline. Double large log pillars in the front side act as the entrance gate leading to the wooden door.

To enjoy the peak of a mountain covered with white snow, it is the foyer living space takes part. White sofa design framed with black metal material elegantly stands facing the small rectangle coffee table before giant stone fireplace mantel. Anyway, the pine trees frame the mountainous view perfectly. Capturing every moment in the warm living space is great with the giant log pillars.
Thanks to the large glass window to give free natural light during the day. Double height ceiling design fills the interior greatly with awesome loft idea. Rustic kitchen with stony cabinet looks gorgeous and supportable to stand in the polar side of the earth. The combination of stone and wooden material in this house is outrageously wonderful. If the lower side looks perfect in rustic style, the loft exhibits bit luxurious outlook. Awesome!

Monday, April 15th 2019. | Home Design
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