Luxury Home of Natural Materials on a Wonderful Site in the Mountain

Hypothermia will not attract you in this house. Exciting tranquil feeling replaces it because this house is charming. Breathtaking snowy mountain and the garden adds your passion to live. Durable stone exterior wall protect the warmth not come out. Besides that, it salt box rood from wood and the fireplace also do the same thing. Well, this is the condition of the interior design. Appealing stone hallway for the entryway takes travel theme with compass floor design.

Classic simple chandelier hangs overlooking the grandfather clock and the traditional sideboard décor. Formal living room presents allaying mountain landscape. Even, it asks you to love the animal. Then, excellent dining space behind the showcases the beautiful outlook. Aside the colorful flower centerpiece and rug, red wooden sideboard is attractive. Further, farmhouse kitchen design adds curvy bar with cute bar stools. Striking outlook comes from this pink master bedroom. Dashing industrial bed puts with classy bedding sets. What makes this pink room special?

Of course, the vintage chunky chair and the doorless bathroom make it. Captivating quirky bedroom is proper for kids. The location is in front of the stair case. Inspiring train shaped bed has red curtain door and alluring wallpaper. Besides as the kid’s bedroom, it is proper for private nook. Obvious, the most special factor of the room is the fantastic theater room. You enable to bring more than 10 people. Certainly, you can celebrate many evens by watching movie with your big family.

Sublime outdoor view amuses you in this lofty bay window tub. It has sophisticated hot tub and chic small chandelier. Translucent frameless gable window gives the distinctive view from the outdoor. Eccentric ceiling light and sconces look great. Stunning stone fireplace mixes the rustic straight coffee table. By the way, the attic living room here is unique. Rocking chair and the sofa design make that sense. In fact, delightful small dining space is the nearest area toward the window. Okay, this living only creates a cozy living in the middle of the cold snow.

Tuesday, February 12th 2019. | Home Design