Luxury Mediterranean Home in Texas

How far Texas and Mediterranean? Yeah it is so long in which there are pacific and Atlantic oceans between them. The most important thing they are in the different continent. Nevertheless, there is nothing impossible in this world. You will fly in Texas and discover the amazing Mediterranean home. Certainly, you don’t believe this house is not the native country. Brown and black drape the façade house. The designer builds it with slate and stucco. Further, captivating garden with path truly enhance it.

It is the most intriguing part for me. Chic white archway demonstrates the elegant front door. Classic nuance comes here with nature wrap. In the middle of the garden, that living owns unique Gucci waterfall. Rustic wave lounge chairs decorate in the back house. In the other hand, this house gives strategic spot to enjoy the entire garden including the artificial stone river and the pool. By the way those wheel chairs face off the splendid stone pool.

Seemly, it has the stripped ombre cushion. Further, the square orange leather puff enhances as the end table. This pool is large and modular in which stone waterfall beautifies it. Behind the pool is bright patio with beadboard ceiling. In this place, there are two sitting area. Excellent black and white wicker sofas mix the sleek stone table. Turquoise focal point strikes this place in the form of the round puffs. Glamorous entryway designs with orbit style chandelier. Take a look at the vaulted ceiling and the floor design, please!

Similar ceiling design is for rustic modern kitchen. Meanwhile, the exposed beam ceiling aside is for the retro dining space. Quirky pendant lamp hangs for the classic kitchen bar. Genuine brick stone decorates from the bar until the ceiling. Obvious, turquoise accent comes as the display in those niches. Well, it is the original Mediterranean living which far from the country. Feel the real sense as though you are not in Texas.

Tuesday, March 12th 2019. | Home Design