luxury modern penthouse with views of the Hollywood hills

dream to be a Hollywood actress or actor. Wow, that is a dare achievement. Everyone knows Hollywood movies are renowned. almost all title release in cinemas always sold out.

Obvious, this big city in America is still well-known with the other factors. Certainly, this downtown has famous Hollywood hill. Even, it becomes the icon of the city. Here, i have an idea. you will start your trip to be an actress or actor from this penthouse.

luxury and modern blend the awesome Hollywood hill. Well, that’s great and two thumbs up. spectacular living room comes in beautiful white with glamorous chandelier. Mesmerizing frameless French doors open to that view. Okay, simple white sofas face off the hill. as if, this room presents modesty and the serenity in extravagant drape. Classy chocolate piano sets stands aside in glossy outlook. in the other hand, it shows the enchanting lofty staircase and the entire room décor.

Furthermore, fancy metal banister with glass insert borders the upper floor. Definitely, it blends to the stair handrail. What you get in this space? yeah, you have wonderful social area sight and also the hill. please, find the lovable sitting area. in the adequate space, square white rug puts for the cute futuristic couches. behind those chairs are eccentric stylish mirrored floating shelves. alongside that, there is fabulous pendant lamp. contemporary kitchen bar design is amazing with deluxe wine cooler.

Sophisticated long kitchen island bar integrates to the u shaped cabinet. Actually, all parts of the kitchen sets are cutting edge. Then, the combination of the appealing rooftop patio links to the kitchen bar. Whimsical open floor plan in flawless white looms aside the living room. it consists with kitchen, banquette, and the dining space. Breathtaking white master bedroom looks enthralling in white theme. Afterward, the master bath is surely fantastic. So, take this step first and then continue with your real plan.

Wednesday, April 10th 2019. | Home Design