How To Make Candles with Silicone Molds

How to price homemade candles? Homemade candle price is not expensive. We want to show you how to make candles with silicone molds. They are very simple candles to do since the only thing we will do is pour the paraffin in a mold that will be silicone in which not to put any release.

The candle that we are going to teach today we can do not only at Christmas, we can do any day of the year, but finally decorate it with a glitter that will give that Christmas effect we are looking for these days. Also we can decorate the candle with children, I always say that under the supervision of an adult, but it is a workshop that we can do with them these days that have vacation, and that they find it very amusing.

Candle-making materials with silicone molds:

  • Molds to make candle Christmas cylinder pellets
  • Paraffin 65 º To make candles
  • Stearin for Candles
  • Coloring’s for Live red candles
  • Aromatic essence of Christmas fir
  • Candle varnish
  • Glitter Crystal Extra-Bright Multi-color

Step 1 Make candles with silicone molds:

The first step would be to heat the Paraffin 65 º next to the stearin in a proportion of 70/30. When it is practically fused, we will turn off the fire and let the residual heat melt what remains of paraffin and stearin for melting. When we have all melted we will pass it to a large glass and add the candle coloring in this vivid red case and the scent of Christmas fir for candles. We will stir well until the mixture dissolves since the dye is powdered.

Step 2 make candles with silicone molds:

The silicone mold must carry the prescriptive rubbers so that it is well closed and does not drip through the slit necessary for the unmolding, or the one necessary for the wick or wick. The handmade silicone molds have a few slits to bowls better, so we need to put the gums in the mold. We will pass the wick through the hole destined for it. Passing the wick we can do it this way or once we have unmolding pass a guide rod for Wicks and put the wick.

We will let only the tip of the wick or wick come out of the base.

Step 3 make candles with silicone molds:

At the top of the candle mould, we pick up the wick on a toothpick as shown in the picture. Nothing happens because once the candle is dry by com’pleto we will cut this part, so don’t panic.

Step 4 make candles with silicone molds:

Pour the paraffin into the silicone mold to the edge of the mold, trying to completely fill the mold.

Step 5 make simple candle with silicone mould:

With scissors we cut the excess wick or wick. We must cut it into the candle with the idea that it is a perfect finish. We have the option to either add a little liquid paraffin so that it is uniform once it has cooled, or iron it, excess paraffin will fill the gap. Remember to use an iron that we will not use to iron the clothes.

Step 6 make simple candles with silicone molds:

Remove the rubbers that hold the mold.

Step 7 make simple candle with silicone mould:

We open the mold by the slit and demoda, and you see how simple it is and how easy it is to unmold the candles with this type of molds.

Step 8 make candles with silicone molds:

We already have the candle made, now we have to give it the finish or decoration.

Step 9 make simple candle with silicone mould:

We will then cut the surplus wick.

Step 10 make simple candles with silicone mold:

The candle would already be finished, now we will give you glittering multi-color extra-gloss crystal. We apply a coat of candle varnish first. This is important that we do with candle varnish since the candle we will turn on, but you can not use a normal wood varnish, it has to be candle varnish.

Step 11 make candles with silicone molds:

We apply the glittery multi-colored glass with a brush, sprinkle over it without touching the candle.

And the final result of the candle you can see here, is spectacular and very colorful. We hope you liked it.


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