How to Make A Rooftop Garden

Buildings in urban area identical with no garden. It is different with house in countryside and suburban area. For those who have imagination to have a garden at home seems sound impossible, right? But, have you ever seen a rooftop garden house?

A rooftop garden is very popular among the home designer. It is a great way to get your desire. This garden has many advantages; decorative benefit, hydrological benefits, and it can make your home more beautiful and you can use it as a place to relax and barbeque.

If you decide to make a rooftop garden house, we have ways to make it true. Remember that creating this garden is not easy. It is different from garden in front of your yard. It needs extra care that and sometimes you need to consult or hire an architect or a contractor.

♥ If you rent an apartment or a house, find out about local laws, regulations rental property, or a home owner association regulation view of rooftop garden; May be a garden on the roof of the your building is forbidden; Make sure you have a certificate of approval to make the roof garden. Moreover, if you live in an apartment, make sure that the elevator can be used to carry tools and plants.

♥ Find out the tips and tricks about caring for the plants on rooftop before you spent time and money.

♥ Get the architect or contractor. Ask them about your apartment or your house if it can be used as a rooftop garden or not; because, you have to add a few plants, water, and some items (such as: chair and table). There are some buildings that are not only designed to withstand the additional weight on the roof top, but you have to know exactly how the structure of the buildings, how it can bear the weight, and how the limit of the building.

♥ Although your buildings can be used for additional weight, you may use lightweight items to anticipate circumstances, such as plastic, fiberglass or foam container planting; lightweight potting soil rather than garden dirt, Styrofoam peanuts for drainage rather than rocks or pottery shards, and avoid using pavers.

♥ Decide how to watering your garden. You may install a water storage system or an automatic watering system, or manual watering, like carry the water up to the roof by hand.

♥ You should use window-breaks in rooftop garden. A rooftop wills more winder than front yard of home. You may use trellises or other latticed windbreak. Remember, it should not be completely solid for allowing the wind flow.

♥ Since the roof will get more sunlight, you should control it because it will affect your plant. Choose the right plants and how to adjust the levels of sunlight to the plants. If the sunlight is excessive, it could affect the survival of plants.

♥ Consider the lighting. If you want to use the garden at night, candles are the rights choice to create a romantic atmosphere.

♥ A rooftop garden home is more expensive, so you should prepare your money. If you just have some, you can start with little by little.

Wednesday, April 17th 2019. | Garden