Minimalist Bright House Interior with Graffiti Wall Decoration

People usually make graffiti on walls of public place by using spray paint. The wall art often takes form of drawings, words, or marks. The process of making graffiti in public place, however, can be considered as vandalism if it’s not done without permission of the property’s owners.

Well, have you ever thought to make graffiti in your own home? It won’t require you to ask permission from other people, except your family members. You may take inspiration from the following minimalist house interior with attractive graffiti wall decoration.

Ceiling and walls in white tone obviously create brightness for the house interior. However, the interior also has a rather warm feel delivered by wooden floor tiles. Meanwhile, a few spaces are enlivened with amusing graffiti made on wall. Having orange, yellow, cream, white and black tones, the graffiti really makes great statement and attractiveness. The wall art interestingly displays the images of gangsters who have cloud-look beards.

There is one open area in the house which accommodates bedroom, living room and kitchen. You can find the living room behind a white bed; it’s decorated with modern white and orange chairs. Meanwhile, white floor-to-ceiling wardrobe separates the bedroom with the kitchen. Beside the white kitchen countertop is a unique square space with glass enclosure. However, the space also has one concrete wall featuring breathtaking graffiti. Overlooking a green garden, it seems that the house owners love to use the square space for getting inspiration.

Balcony with wooden deck and glass fences is the most captivating area of the upper level. From the area, the house owners have the opportunity to enjoy top view of the surrounding garden. Modern loungers are even set there to serve as perfect pieces for relaxing. Graffiti in the same tones and theme as found from the house interior is even made on the balcony’s wall to create eye-catching look. It’s really a fascinating house!

Saturday, March 9th 2019. | Interior