Minimalist Japanese House Presents Unexpected Surprise Inside

No one will get interested with exterior view of this minimalist Japanese house. Some people may even consider that the white cube-shaped structure is not a house at all.

At the first time, I have the same impression as them. When looking at the house interior, however, I get a big surprise. It’s really something I never expected before that the interior is so beautiful and even spacious.

The lovely house interior creates big contrast with the stark exterior. This fact once again teaches me not to judge everything from its outer appearance. Wide application of white color makes the interior appear so bright. Moreover, glass windows are installed to let in natural light. Meanwhile, wooden floor tiles work to eliminate boring feel from the minimalist house. They evoke warm and inviting feel. Floor-to-ceiling shelving unit provides storage for books, decorative items and even TV in an open room. The room also accommodates gray sofa and white rectangular table. A white wall with rectangular hole interestingly separates the space with a kitchen.

In the open room, you can also find wonderful white circular staircases. The unit leads you to an upper wooden platform which can be used by kids for various activities, especially reading and playing. However, everyone should be very careful when being on the upper platform because the thin white metal railings installed there are not enough to provide optimum safety.

When winter has come, the exterior view of the minimalist Japanese house actually can appear rather interesting. With white snow around it, the house may remind you of square igloo. Another great thing of the structure is its thick exterior walls. They can protect the occupants from cold during winter. Building such a house may do not require very great budget, but the end result can be impressive.

Tuesday, March 19th 2019. | Home Design