Wonderful Minimalist Residence Interior in Modern Style

Today, we will show you one of the projects designed by Arthur Casas, a talented Brazilian architect, which will be a great inspiration if you happen looking for one in designing your own minimalist residence. Located in Urca, this modern yet spacious penthouse is surrounded by the incredible nature, thus making the view as the focal point of this penthouse’s design.

The interior exposes the minimalist design, making each room feels spacious with transparent glass element to replace the wall that will add the beauty of the room with undisrupted outdoor view.

modern penthouse minimalist design in brazil

Related to this situation, you can see the large and spacious living space of this modern minimalist residence that feels airy from the use of extended glass windows. Through the windows, you can see not only the incredible outdoor view but also the stylish patio. As to emphasize the minimalist concept, the room is designed as an all-white one and is equipped with the stylish and modern seating in the same bright white nuance.

Decorating the wall are the contemporary artworks which bring splash of color instantly in artistic way, as well as the use of floating white shelves used as the bookcase.

Moving to the spacious kitchen, you can find the gorgeous wooden texture that will make this space appears cozy while accenting the clean white interior. The kitchen provides ample storage spaces as seen on the shelves placed below the island’s top as well as the wall shelves that is placed across the length of this space.

You can see how this simple addition becomes a great choice for the décor concept of this minimalist space; you will need no fuss in adding decorations, yet the items you display on the shelves are the décor itself. As to follow the warm wooden tone, the furniture placed within this space also exposes the same earthy nuance, such as the dark wooden chairs on the dining area.

If you go outdoors, you will find some cool spots you can use to lounge while enjoying the fabulous nature surroundings, such as this marvelous swimming pool area.

This modern minimalist residence design features the frameless transparent glass risers for the pool area, which creates the unified look between both the pool and outdoor spaces. Other way, you can simply go to the patio placed by the living room, that features the comfortable light beige seating with undisrupted beach view as seen through the transparent glass border.

Saturday, April 6th 2019. | Home Design