The Mirror in the Interior : 14 Ways to Use

Mirror is a perfect way to see your own shadow, and it is stylish as your fashion. Therefore, adding mirror into the interior is a stylish way to upgrade the interior look with such up-to-date idea. There are so many mirror designs that you can attach into your interior from living room, bedroom, even bathroom. For detail and complete selection, below are some ways to fit the mirror!

Not always perfect mirror will give the best outlook to your interior. Let’s have a try with mirror fragments above your bedding as a brand new style applying mirror. Random application is the best way to deal with this idea, and you will find unique reflection from those stacked mirror fragments on the ceiling. Further, a DIY wall mirror shows you how to spend waste stuff wisely into such gorgeous design. With ordinary wooden framed small wall mirror, you can attach motorcycle chair surrounding the mirror. It will touch your room with industrial style, so what are you looking for?

To give perfect accent to a Scandinavian interior that appears with white washed wooden siding idea, cage shaped mirror is the best design ever. Beside shaping the mirror into the perfect shape, adding artificial decoration just like the real cage look is needed. It belongs to unpredicted design that you must have next season! In addition, I think it is popular in the recent time to have sun wall mirror, and golden tone is the most favorite one to reflect the real sun. Then, what do you think about puzzled fragments wall mirror? It is a sophisticated way to be creative designer for your own room. You are also allowed to insert your wall mirror in any shape within the picture frame target attached on the wall. Further, it is a socking idea that lets you apply plenty of mirror fragments on the kitchen backsplash. Such crazy awesome idea!

Monday, March 18th 2019. | Interior