Modern Architectural combination of modernism, industrialism and geometric design

Lake view is really heartbreaking. It may bring you to some movie scenes with romantic nuance. In this chance, I would like to take you to Lake Zurich. Are you interested to go there? No, here I come with a modern architectural masterpiece with views of Lake Zurich. You have to look at it. Enjoy following show!

This is a special dwelling take place on the edge of Zurich lake. Nesting in the middle of thick vegetation this white retreat is really stunning to stay at. Inviting look of put in green aside outdoor pool, it gives a plush to the building with glassy combination. The floating concrete patio on the pool surface leads to the staircase to reach the house that is a level higher. Designed with sliding door here and there makes you able to totally open the dwelling for more refreshing ambience in the interior. From back angle of the house, it takes higher position to overlook the lake. In addition, it also has easy access to reach the neighboring. Surrounded with pebble rocky decoration for the outside, it really exhibits mountainous neighborhood.

The greatest spot of this architectural masterpiece is the glass balcony. It makes you feel hovering on the air although you are standing on glass flooring style. Overlooking the lake surrounded with mountains beneath the blue sky is kind of paradise to enjoy right from your own house. The rooftop living space is also a cool spot to hang out with friends or family. It gives bright, fresh, and free atmosphere to release stress. Even entering the interior, it feels like outdoor since the doors are open to rob the fresh nuance of eclectic natural atmosphere. Black velvet sofa facing entertainment set is a cool seating to lush everyday. From bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, there is no single spot designed private. Open plan is truly great idea!

Thursday, April 25th 2019. | Home Design