Modern Bachelor Shelter in Brazilian that Can be a Trend

As young men or women, it is the golden pose in your life to experience many things, including in deciding what kind of shelter you want to live at. I think, you have to mirror to several countries aboard that provides various trends of bachelor shelter, which are not only stylish but also comfortable. If it the case, then why don’t you follow the trend by creating a modern bachelor shelter like in Brazilian? Here you can check the post!

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The first bachelor shelter design takes white as the dominant color to paint all the wall. Sliding door design is a plush added to the shelter to ease everybody enjoying the whole outdoor view just before the eyes. In addition, the spacious grassy meadow in the frontyard adds freshness to the shelter, so you will never feel bored with the nuance. I like the yellow geometrical decoration installed in the center of the yard as it expresses the spirit of youth! Once you get closer look, it provides you awesome natural wooden patio in the terrace, so every evening is a wonderful moment!

A tall white concrete tower in front of the shelter is another appeal to show off you spirit! In addition, the white vinyl siding choice is just wonderful to be applied in a shelter that is made for a young bachelor. The floating style is also a unique appeal to differ the retreat from another design, and in case, you can be a trendsetter! After the satisfying exterior, let’s move to the interior which appears with sophisticated lighting idea. It is full of unique and adorable chinese lanterns to invade the interior with traditional nuance. Designing the bedroom just aside the kitchen is also possible in a small shelter. White bedding set is chosen to comfort the black sheet with white pillows. It seems like brick patio in the outdoor space matching to the hardwood floor inside!

Friday, May 17th 2019. | Home Design