Modern City View Apartment that Offers You Limitless Access to the Crowd

There is nothing more gorgeous than having comfortable retreat in the middle of a city provides you easy access to many where. In addition, only several buildings that offers such great view of the city because it must be high priced. However, to show you how best the design is, a modern city view apartment that offer limitless access to the crowd is ready to exhibited!

Let’s start the trip from the living room! It is an urban living space offers bright tone and limitless natural light with open plan. All the way you can see around you is skyscraper and the bustle that always crowds beneath. The designer choose creamy couch for calming nuance, and the purple wall palette added successfully infiltrate great contrast appeal. It should be a nice place to lie on during the weekend! Then, once you wonder the nuance where the sun sets beneath the cloud, going to the narrow balcony is a nice idea. again, it serves you with plenty of awe and they are indescribable! Further, overlooking the night view from a family room is warm and casual. Not only is to feed your eyes with gorgeous scene, but gathering with family of course warmth that you can get!

Meanwhile, a spacious open plan living space steals the attention with its bright red day bed that contrasts the rustic wooden flooring idea beneath. The floor to ceiling glass window sends every single story outside to the room effortless. To rush outside is not a hard thing because the large sliding glass door lets you slip out to the wooden patio bathed with natural light. Then, what do you think to enjoy your breakfast right aside a top building? It is more than interesting, and I guess every day is always such relax time to live in this kind of dwelling. Thanks to the all open plan added that enriches the room with outdoor nuance!

Monday, May 20th 2019. | Apartment