modern forest house design greeny and sophisticated look

Speaking of contemporary style then we will talk about the style known Americans in the mid-20th that having previously been popular in Europe first. The design house with contemporary style has straight and curved lines. As for the room we will find a large, open room with a small window and flat door. Applying contemporary style is tantamount to replacing all the intricate carvings on the furniture with plain furniture and seamlessly from any carving. In addition, the furniture is designed with lines representing the aerodynamic look that reinforces the impression of a sophisticated and modern. Contemporary style continues to evolve and is currently growing in popularity. And what about the modern forest house? Is has same criteria with description above?.

modern forest house has the same design with the most contemporary home. Distinguishing design is how to bring the forest at our house. Actually it will be hard if we do not live in an area that has a green area where many tall trees. However, not everyone is blessed to have a place to stay that is equipped with a spacious yard, don’t we?!. To bring contemporary forest house, then we will be focused to make two things namely contemporary stylish home and environment that resembles a forest. First, let’s talk about the contemporary style house. Carrying house with contemporary style has the same meaning with we adopt a variety of natural materials – which means, we will have the goal to create a natural atmosphere together with the addition of a jungle decorations around the house. We can incorporate natural elements such as sleek granite or wood teak wood fibers do not show much. To give a more modern look, apply the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. And because contemporary decor focusing on textures, materials, the application of color is not a major concern – but we can choose a monochrome color such as black, white, or gray. Usually, contemporary style is often performed with an open design house, and when we try to combine a large room into several zones such as the kitchen zone, dining zone and other zones, then we can apply a variety of materials and colors throughout the room to get a sense of unity although there are various zones there.

Contemporary forest house design ideas

As for getting a natural element forest house, then we can enhance the appearance of the page around the house by planting more trees and many kinds of shrubs. When we trouble to bring the forest impression on modern forest house, then we can ask for help in the garden expert for the results we get can improve the overall look of the house. Do not forget to always carry out regular maintenance so that our mini forest and contemporary home beautifully maintained.

Friday, May 17th 2019. | Home Design