40 Modern Glass Houses Architecture ideas

Glass house is now popular as urban architecture symbolizing classy and luxurious retreat. Yeah, its modern look offering great amount of plush you cannot get from other house styles. Started from the interior, you can overlook many things outside without a step outside. It seems like make closer distance and blur the border between interior and exterior. In addition, glass house also gives you the access to enjoy endless natural light! Here you enjoy some glass houses architecture that will transform your life!

A unique house in triangle shape will be the first glass house design in this post. It stands out on green grassy meadow spreading in white large space with some trees. Fortunately, the designer gives awesome touch of natural stone to make the dwelling firm and a bit shady. Another design offers you a stunning bedroom, which is all-made of glass from floor to ceiling as well as the platform! You are not only capable to overlook the outside nuance, but you are even able to look downstairs without moving your legs a step back or forward. Awesome!

Further, a unique glass house gives you affection with natural wooden frame to give sophisticated touch to the flat glass material. It looks stunning with modern lighting which mirrors the natural wood color. With narrow pool design in the backyard, your glass house is a nice spot to hang out in the weekend. The next glass house takes place aside a beautiful lake with rocky area which is pure and fresh. The architect chooses great spot to overlook the lake without any single restriction, so you can enjoy the nuance comfortably and relax. In addition, to have a valley glass house can be a modern and adorable plush. It must be stunning to live in such green area just like Telletubies! Wherever you want to build your glass house, the thing is that it is stylish!

modern glass house

Slow but sure, the electrical lighting design will be changed with more innovative way. One of that innovative ways is about the glass house design. The time and the innovation had shown that it is so beautiful.

Let’s entering the first design and we will be brought over the futuristic-modern glass house. This glass house design is simply built with 90% glass material for its wall even in its roofing design. The another solution is of how this house looks so nice lays in the choose of black iron framing material. Some plants and flowers around your innovative-modern glass house design will make it looks like so naturalistic over its modern touch.

Modern black-glass house design will attract your heart in the next picture. Never mind that it will look too dark, because the use of black-glass material brings much elegance nuance over your house. Even you can set the black glass material for your house roof design. Then, it can be done by shaping your house with diagonal shape. The advantage is that your house will look so unique and also artistic in the same time. Cement finishing around your house will be the nice completion that you should try.

The combination of white glass house and green naturalistic design will create perfect modern housing design. The glass material can be used in your wall design and then you just need to combine it with wooden material. Simple interior furniture will also help you to have more beautiful modern nuance inside. For your additional lighting solution, yellow lamp use will help your wooden-glass house design shines beautifully in the night. In the last, you just need to plant some flowers around your house to support your naturalistic nuance. Now, it is your turn to try one of the designs in your own house. Good luck then.

reference: dwell.com

Wednesday, April 3rd 2019. | Home Design