Extraordinary Modern Home Design in Lakeside with Glass Wall

Do you want to stay in lakeside house? If you want mean same with me, see the picture lakeside house design below, maybe this home design become my dream house. This house although built in lakeside but still using a modern style with glass wall.

You can imagine how beautiful to stay in house like this, in morning we can relax in terrace and see the sunrise and lake view and if you inside the house exactly in the bedroom you still can look scenery. You know why? because almost all the walls are made of transparent glass. This house called Buisson residence located in USA, Virginia exactly in lake Anna and this glass house is built Robert Gurney.

Lakeside House Design Ideas with Scenery

House built with white brick wall and transparent glass and look solid house facade made with using wooden material brown color. You can’t find flower or other plants here just large yard with green grass and trees. This modern house include environmentally friendly home design because always get enough sunlight and surrounded by green trees so very close to nature .If you want enter the house you will step concrete pathways till in front of house with terrace home wooden floor plans.

This lake house look spacious from inside because using transparent glass although small from outside maybe this one way to make it look spacious. There are some room in this house like living room with sofa and small coffee table, modern bathroom design with blue paint wall color and inside this bathroom sure you will find bathtub to bathing. In several tables will also be found artificial flower as interior decoration with red and purple color. As businessman workspace in home is required, home office furniture wooden chest drawer and face to lake till you can relax when doing something.

Part of home design with same space just a little privacy like dining room can see very easy from living room and kitchen. Dining room using black furniture with chandelier hanging decoration. House floor using veneer wood and white wall using brick and glass. The last room is guest room near terrace house with simple design.

Reference: homedsgn.com

Sunday, May 26th 2019. | Home Design