Modern House in a Wooded Area with a Simple and Elegant Interior

Dare you to live in the middle of wooded area? Is it frightening, or is it calming? It is kind of challenging to live surrounded with woods. Most people somehow deserve making a house in the serene neighborhood in this recent time. It serves fresh air and beautiful view everyday. A modern house in a wooded area with a simple and elegant interior is ready to give you some pictorial. Enjoy it!

Having pine trees as the background of every inch of your house could be one privilege thing. It shares the nature into the interior as you often deserve to enjoy such kind of a thing. In this chance, the house is mostly designed with open plan style. No wonder if the use of glass material is maximized. However, some parts are blocked with grey drape for privacy. It also gives outdoor living space facing shrub for elegant and comfortable evening gathering. Left, right, front and back are surrounded with greenery. The concrete walkway leads sweeping the wooded area safely. Minimal garden idea aside the house is valued perfect for the house is already lushing within vegetation.

The most favorite spot in this retreat is the kitchen dining space. It provides the largest area to hang out with family and friends. In addition, lake view before is ready to shake your eyes every single time. Designed in black the table set melts perfectly into nature, as it is neutral and adorable in serenity. Wooden island with double white pendant lamps stands firmly for kitchen bar. Morning bread or even coffee time is great in this spot. Spending narrow path for home office is great. With lake view confronting the glass window , it shows the dignity of nature. Open living space allows you to enjoy the relaxing nuance of this green dwelling with grey sofa and glassy coffee table. Small freestanding fireplace slashes the zone. I’m frozen to look at the picture!

Saturday, February 16th 2019. | Home Design