Modern Large House for Big Family with Spacious Design and open Façade

Living with a big family is a fun thing. To live every day with most of your loved family members will guarantee that your house will never by dead silent and always in a cheerful mood. However, to design a house which will fit these loved ones below one roof is not always easy.

If you have a large chunk of land, you can’t just build a large house. You have to do it in style. Take a look at this modern large house for big family.

Modern large house for big family

Located in Colina residence in Santiago, Chile, this large house designed by Raimundo Anguita firm is intended to house a big family. An urban large modern house for big family. The architecture combined traditional living quarters with a modern architecture touch. The front façade was constructed out of concrete and glass to evoke an open sense. The front lawn was dressed with green grass and an open patio is located in the entrance.

The design of the house is a combination of conventional design and a touch of innovative, perpendicular structures. The living room was located in front overlooking the lawn with sliding glass doors. The rooms were designed spaciously with generous using of earthy tones such as wood and soft khaki. The use of wood paneling and flooring helps this house achieve a warm and natural feeling. The private areas were located behind this room.

The main structure of the house was U-shaped. The back yard was constructed to be an open sitting area with lush foliages and plants there. In front of the yard is an open living room. It serves as an option for the indoor living room. The roof was constructed as the second level open terrace with Plexiglas borders. The access to the roof is provided via open stair set on the right part of the house next to the wall. As this house is, what is your modern large house for big family ideas?

Sunday, February 10th 2019. | Home Design