Modern Sculptural House with Courtyard and Swimming Pool

Today’s house is more dynamic with all modernity poured on every inch of the design. yeah, it is true that the outlook of the dwelling back then and the recent one make total different. Nowadays, people are free to shape the retreat due to what they really expect of having a home.

It can be really different with what people have in the neighborhood, and it creates amazing uniqueness. Then, a sculptural house design becomes a new trend that most urban people are crazy about. It is usually brings the nuance o boxes outlook and of course filled with sophisticated contemporary design!

House with Indoor and Outdoor Attraction

The house is where you can explore your taste both indoor and outdoor. in addition, even the interior is also close accessed from the exterior. It is the one that is super large to lush in your off days. Two story dwelling gives you perfect lodging because the view will be opted right on the upper floor. However, since it is an open planned retreat, every single inch of the room is enriched with glorious sight of the outside.

Spending on the yard is the fresh green meadow and a swimming pool aside it. The concept is to blend the nature with modern appeal, so whatever you want, you can find it easily in the courtyard! As there are so many shady trees grow on the yard, it is a convenient spot to enjoy during the day capturing every moment in that refreshing atmosphere.

Furthermore, the interior is completely contemporary with plenty of urban stuff installed here and there. The navy blue leather sofa and chevron rug give you unique ambience of living room to opt the accessible outdoor attraction of the swimming pool. It sits in a wide room that is also the center of the pub living space. Together with the kitchen and dining space, the room is so endearing to invite your mood back!

Natural wooden curtain facade defines the house that appears exclusively in modern natural style. Without neglecting the environment, it is always ready to wash you with all the awe of modernity. To walk alone in the backyard, you can even feed the fish in the pond right from the wooden walkway. It is very Zen spot that is good to relax spelling the stress out of your head. Then, the green zone maybe good too for you to held a private party, maybe a cocktail party is a good plan!

Sunday, April 7th 2019. | Home Design