Modern Staircase in Living Room

Have you known the reason why staircase is always set in the living room? It is because staircase adds gallant effect to every vibe where it stands at. As your living room is the only space you can welcome your guest, doesn’t it perfect to slide the glutinous just after touching the interior? Perfect. To lift the outlook, there are some staircase models in the living room may inspire you. Slide it down!

In an adorable white open plan living room, the staircase takes place to lead people enjoying and overlooking the vibe right from the attic. Appearing with glass railing idea, it lets some kids to enjoy the nuance too. Along with some modern furniture added into the living room like egg chair, creamy sofa and bench, this staircase distracts people attention with its elegant look! Further, to fits your classic house design, having a screw shaped staircase is truly a good idea. It shapes round double height ceiling for wide and luxurious effect. Metal railing is the best choice to work with this lavish idea, and some modern lighting will make the outlook becomes more and more undeniable!

In addition, simple staircase idea must be the most suitable design to fill a vintage stone house. The stone wall accent is the one that pushes the architect to make structural stairs too. Black metal railing is chosen to follow the vintage trend brought into the room. Meanwhile, to attack a modern living space, floating wooden staircase is the best selection ever. It offers not only style, but also wooden material shares exotic natural appeal that you can enjoy in the interior. Further, for stylish and unique tone, spiral wooden staircase with white metal railing will be the best style ever. It needs much effort to make, but the result is truly amazing. Are you challenged to have one of them?

Tuesday, April 16th 2019. | Living Room
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