Modern White House Consisting Of Two Rectangular Volumes

Modern white house is describing a pure atmosphere and sometimes owned by rich people. In this article, we will discuss modern white house which is consisting of two rectangular volumes.

According to its title, of course the house is painted with white colored. The house is designed into two building volumes, which is consisting of double patios. These patios are designed beside swimming pool and small backyard garden. Black and white seating area is decorate these rooms. There is also downstairs that designed next to swimming pool. Beside the downstairs can be decorate with beautiful woodbine or flowers. At the front yard, you can see there are old stoned pathways that connected to the open porch.

A pure white living room is combined with black lathered sofa and modern armchairs for the seating area. These seating areas are set before TV stand and candles in fireplace design. Beside the living room there is a space for outdoor seating area with wooden deck and glass banister. The patio dining table set can be put beside glass sliding doors next to monochromatic white kitchen. This kitchen is mixed with modern appliances and kitchen island electric stove. In the dining room, there is a sophisticated glossy black interior set next to stairway with glass screen design. The open dining room is designed beside living room, so it would make you to move freely. Luxury candelabrum is put on the long black credenza for the decoration.

There is also a minimalist home office room that filled with black glass desk and white swivel chair set in front of floating wall shelves. And then, the bedroom is accompanied by small empty room which only consist of a single decorative chair. The last for the bathroom, you can design a luxury beam glass shower room beside eye-catching rectangular white tub. So, a house which is consisting of two volumes will look simple but it is also gorgeous.

Friday, February 22nd 2019. | Home Design