Natural Stone for Exterior of House

Protect you dugout from each danger! Let the beauty of the interior design can be enjoyed in the long time without threats from the outside. At least, you give good protection for the exterior wall. Certainly, there are some ways to do it such as with adds wooden panel and paint color. Even though, I have new way which is more durable. By the way, I apply natural stone to guard the interior design from many threads.

Usually, weather change is the primary enemy for your exterior house. Nevertheless, stone can solve your problem about it. Firstly, select this modern vacation house with green lawn. The small open terrace is beautified with brown slate stone wall with yellow sconces. Further, the recessed outdoor lighting adds the exquisite sense of this space. As you know, the wall keeps matches with frame-less glass and white wooden door. Then, the architect combines it with grey concrete wall.

Secondly, I offer eccentric natural stone from the same type. Nevertheless, it differs on the application. This white house uses two colors with brown and white for the façade design. Brown stone stands while integrates to the decorative succulent planters. Meanwhile, white stone exterior wall has soft scratch textured. The third is traditional vaulted house with stone exterior wall. Here, they adorns the white stucco wall and surround the black windows. Further, it makes sloping curved succulent planters too.

Next, I have ranch house design with grey stone exterior wall. By the way, it still takes the same stone type with different color. Afterward, it mixes the dark grey tile roof and the dark French window. Certainly, this retreat is cozy with durable eco-friendly material. Lastly, there is creamy tone natural stone for light brown stucco house with dark chocolate vaulted roof. Even though, it just clads the ground floor wall. Alright, increase your creativity for the house as comfort aspossible. Protect your family!

Saturday, April 20th 2019. | Home Design