a Niche in the Interior : Comfort and Beauty

I really proud and thankful of architect and interior designer that always give new style of arranging our home. There is always new way and new thing added in every interior that make us amaze from time to time. Here you check a unique home design that provides you posh niche in the interior. I don’t know the reason why, but I believe that the designer must achieve comfort and beauty in every project!

It is a Scandinavian home design that appears in quirky white tone and black combination. Just like normal house, it provides bathroom, which is designed in stylish way with recessed wall cabinet and also open plan. Rushing to the kitchen, it leads you to enjoy such awesome nuance of vintage style right on the spacious wooden table with black centerpiece and bench. Really thankful to the black cabinetry that strongly add contrast tone into it! The living space is another vibe that steals your attention with full temptation. From wooden flooring style, vintage patterned armchairs and also he retro patterned area rug play each role perfectly.

Further, it is the hallway leads you to reach the niche in the home. There is beautiful console table right in the end of the room that served with cream area rug on dark wooden floor. Arrived to the niche, it curves the design in very fashionable way with gray painted wall and white molding. It looks gorgeous not only for walkway, but it exhibits memories right on the picture frame target attached on the wall. Slim black table inserted into the space is truly amazing to surprise this calm design with strong character! In addition, there are two ways of enjoying the porch whether to sit on the wooden relaxing chair or comfortably lay on the banquette aside. Any style that you choose, the industrial fireplace before is always ready to burn your day!

Sunday, March 10th 2019. | Interior