Open Concept Small House : Wider Access Indoor and Outdoor

If it used to be parted between indoor and outdoor nuance, today’s style introduces you how to enjoy limitless access from within. Finally, open concept small house appears to meet people expectation to have an escapism house where they can mesmerize the outside view without a step further from the interior. If you are interested to have one of the designs, below you can take a reference!

A double height living space will be the first interesting spot to release your fatigue. Large sectional gray sofa welcomes every person with its most stylish look. Different paint wall color makes awesome nuance just like the combination of green outside and calming neutral gray white inside. With this style, even a small house could offer you fresh airy atmosphere in the vibe! In addition, to steal natural appeal of a lake house, isn’t it better to install wooden siding to the house? I think it is a stunning idea as wood will always maintain the warmth, so it doesn’t matter to live in the retreat in any seasons aside a lake.

Further, another small open plan home design is ready to welcome you with its awesome rooftop. It is truly an open concept home design since the siding used is all made of glass from floor to ceiling with minimal frame for border less nuance. To opt the angle of the house to overlook the view surrounding, maximize the upper place open style is best way to deal with your plan. Full glass siding must be a great idea to achieve your expectation, so wherever you want to nerd at, there is always beautiful view line just before your eyes. Don’t you think it is such priceless chance ever? Then, another small house with open concept lets you enjoy simple alluring view of pool. It fits people with busy weeks, so anytime they want to refresh their mind, the pool is ready to bath them!

Monday, March 4th 2019. | Home Design