Open space Apartment with 40 Square Meters

Recently, open plan space becomes the favorite of many people who deserve to live in urban style. The limited time to enjoy the natural view or even the city view pushes them to make a dwelling design that is visible to peek outdoor. Here, I come with a modern apartment of 40 square meters with open plan space. Take a look below!

The designer is really smart to maximize the space in this small apartment design. Spending narrow space with glassy window for kitchen and living space is kind of stunning idea. No choice but to line the white cabinetry by the white backdrop and let the dining table takes place with seamless outdoor connection. Divided with black wooden bookshelves with luxurious candle stick, both living room and kitchen share the same nuance. Really thankful to the dining space chandelier and living room floor lamp to lux the atmosphere. The white sofa melts with the white wall while the red cushions flashing the neutral look gorgeously. However, it is an Eco-friendly apartment that takes advantage of natural light for power saving idea.

Flexible drape applied to the glass window enables you to open or to close it, so sharing the ambiance with the outdoor is optional too. Unbelievable zoning idea in this small apartment is the corner office designs aside the living space. It shows how minimalist style is tidily applied in this apartment while the black stone mantled fireplace corners the outlook with red chair before. Mirror back splash in the kitchen gives spacious effect for well reflection. Bathed with natural light, it becomes the source of sunlight reflection anyway. Surprisingly, the bedroom is really elegant in brown white combination. Added with sophisticated rustic bathroom with dazzling yellow vanity this small apartment turns into a posh dwelling for urban inhabitants.

Friday, February 22nd 2019. | Apartment