53 Oriental Bathroom Style picture

East Asian countries include the most favorite vacation spots. A lot of people around the world visit Japan, Chinese, Korean, Hon Kong, and so on. Those countries are well-known with the specific culture in which it is called oriental. Obvious, the culture is not only for them but it is able to inspire people in other countries. It is looked as the unique beautiful artwork in the world. In the other hand, oriental style has many philosophy for people life.

Well, this article brings one interior design in oriental style. At this time, the designer chooses bathroom as the right space. Please, take a look the collection of my oriental bathroom style below. Of course, you are going to catch something benefit that is not found in other styles. Alright, this blossom Sakura bathroom opens the discussion. It is designed from the light brown wood material to the entire room. The wooden wall is decorated with luminous window treatment with butterfly pattern curtain. Besides that, there is Sakura white wallpaper for the minimalist vanity sets. By the way, there are many unique items for the vanity design.

Oriental Bathroom Always Presents the Natural Coziness

East Asian countries love their nature. They think people cannot alive without the environment. Therefore, almost each interior design involves nature both it is just view. Obvious, it gives natural comfort for the user so that people feel healthy in a long time. Indeed, the oriental style of the bathroom creates inexpensive spa. Well, continue to the next example. Secondly, I bring the original Japanese bathroom in small space. This dark sanitary room is designed in square shape brown beige concrete wall. Further, it is decorated with shoji inspired sliding glass door.
Inside of the room is filled with wicker bath caddy and the black Gucci. Seemly, the room wants to bring the outdoor role here. Soon, you will soak in this nice white marble undermount tub. Your body sinks in this modular shape drainboard, which has short metal faucet. Then, your activity is completed with the dramatic large sconce and the dark color ceiling.

Afterward, there is innovative oriental bathroom with add modern sense. This minimalist space has dark brown floor and the pallet wood wall. Both interior structures have the same color. Further, it is decorated with creamy tone corner tree branch display as the spot of the shower head. Here, your eyes are pampered with the wonderful outdoor view. Oriental style bathroom gives you the natural sense and the real comfort for the balance of your body.

Sunday, May 12th 2019. | Bathroom