49 Unique Outdoor Shower Ideas in Summer

Do you like extreme activities? Some people like it and always try wherever they are. Extreme activities are such as mountain climbing, riding paragliding, and the rest. Nevertheless, those activities need current time and much money. How if you so unusual activity every day or every weekend? Well, you will do at home with outdoor shower ideas. At least, you do take a bath outside during your summer holiday. Okay, get the right space for this unique outdoor décor.

Surely, you cannot apply it in any space. You must search the most secure place so that others don’t see you. Nowadays, I am ready to accompany you discover the best place with the finest design. Well, come to the wooden forest retreat, which is very secluded. It has rooftop outdoor shower ideas with dense jungle outlook. Of course, you can take a shower as long as possible. Here, there is steel showerhead hose and rainfall head. By the way, you can take a shower with the folding chair aside.

Next, I have modern outdoor shower ideas with green exterior wall. The wall is enhanced with sophisticated small rainfall head. Further, it mixes the wall hung faucets and grey stone bathtub. In this backyard, you just see the high walls and potted plant. Now, let’s go back to the jungle. I have tree shower ideas with decorative tile floor. This area also uses tree branch wall in curvy shape. Afterward, it mixes the charcoal deck with some accessories.

Fourth, I show beach themed outdoor shower with black ladder rack. Seahorse pattern surfing board panel stands for the rainfall head and the knob. Definitely, it makes you calming because you don’t need to go to the beach. Here, you have feel it in unique way with tropical garden as the background. So, don’t be afraid to do what you want.

Thursday, March 14th 2019. | Exterior