Create the Perfect Garden design : 7 Tips on Arrangement Suburban Area

For some people, there is no appeal to live in lonely suburban area, but for me, I personally like the nuance of this area. Nothing but garden that will make your retreat even more livable in suburban environment. Therefore, you have to find the best idea to arrange your dwelling with creative garden. So, you need to check some perfect garden designs in the following post!

Making natural gate in the entrance of the garden is a nice idea to welcome every guest with sweet design. Shrub is the best one to shape the gate effortless because it grows fast and fertile as well. Supported with rustic wooden fence beneath, it must be strong border, which parts the garden from another space. In addition, adding exposed wooden beams on the stone patio idea is also highly recommended to contrast the tone with natural appeal. Aside of lower growing plants, pine trees are such great decoration to make shady garden that is comfortable for evening tea time.

Further, inserting rattan seating right in the middle of grassy meadow becomes a simple way to have outdoor living space with green and fresh atmosphere. Don’t forget to attach lighting, so even the dark comes, you are still able to enjoy the breeze of the garden!

In addition, artificial bridge is another style that you can add to opt the outlook of your suburban garden arrangement. Placed just above the lush low growing flower in various colors, stepping your feet on the bridge is kind of mesmerizing the heaven like garden. Further, if you don’t have enough space with ground, your front porch would be the best spot to create vertical garden. In this case, hanging potted plants are the core of the design. Instead of modern sofa, concrete bench is some ways more natural to invade your garden with exotic appeal! What do you think, guys?

Thursday, April 11th 2019. | Garden