20 Dream Private House Design ideas

One day, people will miss the composure of life. This condition not merely attracts old people, obvious. Even though, busy men want to the tranquil life rapidly than them. Their jobs give much stress so that they have to solve it as soon as possible. By the way, there are two ways for this case. You can do vacation every weekend or when the summer holiday. In the other hand, I recommend you to move from the city.

Further, own one of these dream private house designs. Actually, you can occupy it when you have leisure time or vacation. Okay, I ask you to see this contemporary energy efficient private house with trendy modular shape. Here, this living applies white concrete and brown wooden walls. The flat standing roof looks unique too. Afterward, the house in midst of the lawn is completed with white carport pergola. In addition, it has calming green landscape which can be seen from the awesome windows.

Secondly, I recommend Clift beach house on the high stone foundation. The house is ample with greeneries around. In front of the house is bordered with light brown stucco wall. Certainly, it protects you from the dangerous though you keep able to enjoy the captivating ocean. Then, inside of the wall or fence is decorated with fabulous garden and fantastic lap pool. Meanwhile, the house consists of two floors with rooftop patio and balcony. It implies you have many space to stare the ocean.

The third is historic private house design with ample concrete desk. Great vaulted tile roof demonstrates the rustic style of the fa├žade house. It has large balconies in the second floor. Further, this light grey building also strengthens the style with arched French windows. Afterward, the front porch is decorated with three archways and double terrace wraparound. So, which one most touch your mind?

Thursday, May 23rd 2019. | Home Design