Private Modern House Offers Natural Light Built With Healthy and Local Materials

Simple but fascinating are just few impressions which may be mentioned right after looking at some samples of private modern house offers natural light built with healthy and local materials. Yeah, it is because this kind of home is intentionally made of local hardwood and more natural element combination that specifically transform it into an elegant living space for you. It is not that hard to construct a kind of this residence. Since we understand what we really need to optimize the residence, we are sure that the house will appear in perfect look for all of you.

That’s why we are going to show you several photos that show the elegance of modern private house design. This description starts from the interior area of the house. It seems that a big room is purposely combined to be a share room where kitchen, dining room and living room can be found stylishly. To allow some natural light enlightening the room well, several big glass windows are attached with less of curtain. Glass exterior door is also participated to make the interior of room super bright. At night, some expensive ceiling lamps combined with some recessed lamps are installed to illuminate both interior and exterior of the house.

When we go outside, stacks of brick are arranged greatly mixed with deep brown hardwood as pillar and parts of windows. Concrete slate tiles are also shown on the floor as complement of the house architecture. The brick wall concept covering the outdoor wall looks so traditional that causing the courtyard looks dull. Hey, don’t be so sad with the courtyard because you will see some minimalist concept in the terrace. The modern private house plans finally bring clean lines over the front side of the home with some transparency and high end parts of house.

Thursday, March 28th 2019. | Home Design