Private Theater Decor Use Earth Scheme for Small Room

The private theater decor usually uses complete movie furnishing and snug sense entire room concept. This place is designed using earth scheme for room paint and furnishing paint. This paint idea can give snug sense and warm sense entire room.

You can arrange this place look like public movie theater. The wide space model and plain ceiling model fill in this place to get modern room design. You can design this place use two kind’s earth scheme model.

The Private Theater Decor in Romantic Design

Your interior house will be complete use media room space on first floor area or ground floor area near family place. You can design private theater decor use various wood color for room paint and furnishing paint. You can build home theater decor look like public space model but tend to modern style and modern arrangement. You can apply dark wood color for ceiling paint includes build in lamp style.

This ceiling design can give relax sense and cool sense entire room. You can draw sand brown color for concrete wall paint and ceramic paint. You can add wall lamp and floor lamp in this part to get modern light effect. You can arrange seating style look like living room arrangement. You can put letter L sectional sofa use leather material or soft fabric material to give simple and modern appearance. You can choose light brown color fill in this sofa.

The large theater placed on front sectional sofa designed stick on the wall use wide screen model. You can add build in lamp and loud speaker on the above side and below side wide screen TV.

The Private Theater Decor in Cool Design

You can also design home theater decor ideas use elegant and cool scheme entire room. You can apply dark wood color, white color, and black color fill in room design. You can design small private theater decor look like public movie place. You can put white armchairs sofa arranged use parallel model namely three row layout. You can add vintage carpet model on the above of ceramic floor to keep original movie place model. You can put creamy wooden shelves style on the below side of wide screen TV place. This furnishing placed in front of sofa. You can add artistic room decor in this place use sparkling ceiling paper style.

The Black color fill in ceiling style include white dot pattern look like below the night sky appearance. The modern light effects also add on this part to give calm light effect. Your interior family house appears chic and elegant design use movie place concept. You must consider about private theater decor for snug family place.

Tuesday, April 30th 2019. | Interior