Reconstruction of the basement : Exposed Beams And Crown Moulding Home Design Photos

You will be amazed to read this idea of reconstruction of the basement: exposed beams and crown moulding home design photos. Instead of just a storage room, your basement could transform into something more useful. So, let’s make your basement looks neater and more beautiful! First idea, you could change your basement for media room. This place could be a favorite chill out spot for your guests. You need to move some furniture down here, or buy new one if you have more budget!

Traditional atmosphere from some basement remodeling pictures could be your number one inspiration for basement restoration. Use wooden material to generate this atmosphere. Wooden pole could be made at your basement. The warm atmosphere could be supported with red comfy sofa. In front of the red sofa, you could place wooden coffee table. So, you could place your drinks and snack in here while watching your favorite TV show. Of course a set of LED TV with its stereo system will be needed as well.

Beside media room, you could make a comfortable living room at your basement as well. Of course your guests will enjoy this place very much. Generate comfy and cool nuance with raw bricks wall. Choose bright color scheme such as orange for this bricks wall. You should make the bricks wall finishing as neat as possible. After the brick walls are done, you could install some shelves to place books, photos, and other ornaments.

Make your living room at basement looks lovelier with beautiful curtain on the window. More lights could be added with standing lamps and table lamps. Make the basement looks brighter with cheery atmosphere color theme, such as white and orange. The floors could help you get brighter feels as well. For example, you could place light brown rug on the floor. Clearly, these basement remodeling ideas could give you more benefits!

Thursday, March 14th 2019. | Home Decor