Relaxing Home with Sauna and Green Roof for A Cozy Home

Living in a country that has low temperature makes a home with sauna and green roof a perfect choice for a family. Especially now is the time to go green.

Why don’t we use any space available to plant some trees, potted fresh plants, or a small grass field to make a better environment? Don’t forget to imagine how relaxing it is to use the private sauna after a day of hard work. The idea of this home will may cost a lot, but it can be your dream cozy home.

This modern house will be perfect if it is located downhill. In the pictures, you can see that it is an Italian home with three buildings. Give a traditional touch on the home with sauna and green roof exterior by using weathered materials and a contemporary shapes exterior to make it look modern. Use stonewalls on the side of the home and put glass that allows you to see the view outside your home from the front side. The color of stonewalls will give you a relaxing nature feeling.

It’s better if you choose parquet flooring that has clean wood patterned on it. Give a wooden stair entry that passing through your stonewalls corridor. For the furniture, use stainless steel materials for the kitchen, combined with wood based dining table and solid neutral colored chairs. Since it is your family, you can choose combination of your family’s favorite two colors as the main theme for each room.

To enjoy the view more, put your single integrated bed facing the window of your home. Use integrated bed, side table, and shelving combination for the master bedroom. You can choose neutral colors for the bed and bright mattress. You can also put a small chair to sit in the corner of the room. Keep it plain to give modern feeling of your home. For a better choice of home with sauna and green roof interior, use a wall lamp with unique shape.


Wednesday, March 20th 2019. | Home Design