15 Awesome Roof Gardens Design Ideas

Now I will show you cool roof garden design picture and beside it there is a little tips how to make it. The roof garden is always located on the roof of the house. This type of garden is more prevalent in urban areas increasingly limited land supply as well as the price is rising so it takes more and more maximum savings. The form this park there is a sloping or flat by using cast concrete as the laying of land which is used as a planting medium. Special to the side, in addition to enjoy themselves this park also add aesthetic value to the house when viewed from outside or street.

In addition to adding aesthetic appearance, the garden on the roof can absorb heat from the sun and minimize the effects of pollution or dust the more wandering around the neighborhood and be able to reduce the levels of ultraviolet light that enters the room. So that the effects are, part of the house will still feel cool even in hot or dry weather.To create a roof garden, the land must first be available in the form of open space on the upper floors using cast concrete. So that planning and the concept of making the roof garden is always made before the house was built. Because the manufacture of roof gardens need to take into account the strength of construction. Moreover, not willing to be used must have a slope so that water used for watering plants can flow smoothly.

Reference: landscapingnetwork.com

Before the park is made, the floor must be waterproof or waterproof coating intended to prevent any leakage. This waterproof layer can use a rubber or plastic sheet strong and thick. To buy it can go to the hardware store or a store that sells farm equipment. Once installed waterproof lining next step is to develop a system brick lined. The distance between the bricks is about three centimeters. The function of the preparation of this brick is to allow water to get into the flow of a predetermined or created. Especially when it comes monsoon rains.

After that in the given layer of bricks that use natural fibers mixed with small stones or gravel with a size of about five centimeters thick. The layer is called the sub base has a vital function, which is to keep the soil planting medium made later will not easily dissolve and enter into the system exhaust flow. If the mixture is evenly distributed fibers and gravel, then sand given the growing media. The mixture can be made up of red soil compost given the size of the thickness of about seven to twenty centimeters. So the media is ready to be plants.

The most suitable plants for the roof garden is a type of plant that has the size is not too big but pretty shady and not so much in need of water. Since being on the top floor we would hassle if you have to frequently go up and down to do the watering, especially during dry season. And the main thing is the plant must have a type of root that is not loud or wild. It means the roots are unable to penetrate the wall or walls and cause damage.

Seeing the complexity manufacture roof garden is of course also requires no small cost. However, if funds are limited, planting roof also still be made using the concept of a much more modest. just use pot as cropping media. Arrange potted plants in such a way that it could lead to the park is also not less beautiful and cool.

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